If you’re embarking on an interior design project, new villa or commercial space and you want to explore the home solution needs, you’ve come to the right place. Mayoof Home is a right place for all your home solution needs around Fujairah and the entire UAE. We pride ourselves on a second-to-none reputation for providing not only unbeatable customer service but also the best quality products at the best price at the right time.
As your one-stop shop for home solution needs, we stock a diverse and extensive range of premium products of well reputed brands ideal for use throughout your dream home or residential or commercial projects.

We have extensive range of ceramic and porcelain tiles for indoor flooring and wall, outdoor flooring and wall, Bathroom and Kitchen floor and wall tiles of various sizes.

Quality makes a difference

We do offer granite and marble floors along with customized marble and granite steps, thresholds and customized marble counters.

Lime Stone




Sand Stone

Kitchen – It’s the heart of any house and no home is complete without having one.
We follow global standards of trends and designs and converge the international trends with contemporary and functional requirements. At home when you spend time in your kitchen it should be an enjoyable experience, that’s why we design your kitchen gracefully at the same time functional one.

Quality makes a difference

We are a partner to many well-known brands, with names like JAQUAR, ARTIZE, and GRAVITA. We have luxury bathroom accessories and sanitary ware.

The Mayoof Home Trading offers an extensive range of floors from well-known international manufacturers. Our product range will meet your every wish in line with regional trends to international you will find all types of flooring from parquet

Mayoof Home Trading has a variety of stocks of all premium brands for all your electrical and hardware needs which is required to complete every type of building and fits into every requirement.

Quality makes a difference

Mayoof Home Trading offers an extensive range of chandeliers for any interior design style, classic to modern.

Quality makes a difference

We Mayoof Home provide you with a wide array of furniture and accessories. We carry a variety of options to furnish dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms of your house or apartment.

Quality makes a difference

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Virtually any floor tile can be installed on the wall, though in most cases, it is not appropriate to switch them. Consult the installer or product manufacturer for application recommendations.

Yes, but this depends heavily on the installation. To optimize durability, the subfloor or base on which the tiling will be glued must be flat, stable, and without irregularities. Depending on the dimensions of each tile, the proper mortar must be used. For larger pieces, manufacturers recommend double gluing on the subfloor and the back of the tile. Generally, carefully following the manufacturers’ recommendations is always the best thing to do.

Of course, you will need to know the area of the space. But you should also plan to start with more than the exact number of tiles that will fill the area, due to breaks and cutouts. Generally, adding 5 to 7% in surplus to account for cut loss is sufficient if the environment is simple (square or rectangular with few cutouts). If the plan is diagonal or if the environment has a distinctive or organic shape, then many pieces will have to be cut at the corners. In these scenarios, it is important to provide a surplus of up to 15% to avoid material deficit during installation.

The fundamental difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile lies in the technology behind their production. Porcelain is the result of a more controlled manufacturing process than ordinary ceramics, made through a mixture of porcelain and various minerals burned at over 1200 degrees Celsius. The resulting material is more homogeneous, dense, vitrified, and resistant than conventional ceramics. It is also less porous and therefore has a very low water absorption index, making it more durable as well. This feature makes it suitable for high traffic locations such as airports or shopping malls. Porcelain glazes are also known for their greater color variation, providing a rich custom look.

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Mayoof Home is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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