We offer granite and marble floors along with customized marble and granite steps, thresholds and customized marble counters.

Granites and Marbles

Mayoof Home committed to provide high end solutions towards your Granite and Marble needs for your dream project. We have an extensive range of granite and marbles from various countries be it floors as well as customizable granite and marble steps and thresholds. To increase your bathroom beauty we also provide customized marble counters with various designs, colours and sizes.

Why Choose Us:

High quality work and finish

Work carried out with specific time bound

Highly customizable and personalized service

Specialized team to carry out all marble and granite work with great efficiency

Our Latest Projects

Why to Select Tiles From Mayoof Home

Highly Stain and Liquid Resistance
Durability and Lifespan
Low Maintenance
Anti-slip and resistance to loads
Resistance to thermal shock

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Kitchen – It’s the heart of any house and no home is complete without having one. We follow global standards of trends and designs and converge the international trends with contemporary and functional requirements. At home when you spend time in your kitchen it should be an enjoyable experience, that’s why we design your kitchen gracefully at the same time as a functional one.
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